Remembrance of George Spill Regimental Quartermaster, Royal Artillery

In honor of my father, the veteran from Burma. One of the few of the original Forgotten Fourteenth Army to walk out of Burma at the end of World War II. He felt guilty about killing so many people and seeing so many men and civilians die. 

He wrote a book about his experiences, some are hilarious, others tragic. I published the book in paperback and e-book versions: Reluctant Q.

Above are the four medals he received in a small cardboard box. To the left was one of the last photos that was sent to his wife, from near Quetta, before the long journey to Burma, where most of his possessions, equipment and war buddies were lost. On the right George salutes when I took to the War Memorial in Auckland, New Zealand. This was one of the few times I had seen him stand tall and proud.