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The Way of the Bodyguard

Available now exclusively on Amazon: The Way of the Bodyguard. $4.99.

To be a bodyguard is unlike any other job.
It is the oldest and most dangerous profession, with great rewards and the ultimate risk, death.

Nick Spill takes us on an action-packed and at times hilarious journey inside the world of bodyguards where he protects the famous, the infamous and the anonymous.

Written for those who are curious about bodyguards and protection professionals present and future, The Way of the Bodyguard reveals the skills and techniques to be a consummate bodyguard while Nick Spill recounts his experiences that soar from the mundane to the volatile and violent.

More than a manual or a textbook, the book explores in human terms what it takes to be a winning protector in a dangerous world.

The Way of the Bodyguard explores how to be a bodyguard and protect your client and the mental and physical skills Nick Spill describes so deftly, translate to all professions. He provides strategies for success for everyone, whether they want to become an excellent protector or live their life to the fullest.

If you are curious about what it is like to be a bodyguard, want to become one or seek to escape into a world of unknown threats and logistical challenges, there is much to learn from the entertaining stories in The Way of the Bodyguard. 


The Palace in TriBeCa

In New York I met and befriended an extraordinary man. An artist and lawyer who was a cross between Marcel Proust and Freddie Mercury, Gary was completely outside my ordinary frame of reference. He died young from what was then an unnamed epidemic. His story became “The Palace in TriBeCa”.
60 pages including a bonus sample from "The Way of the Bodyguard".

Dolphin Kicks and Cactus Pricks

I traveled with a group of Californian psychics to swim with dolphins in the Sea of Cortez.
Instead I witnessed the psychics turn psychotic. I barely managed to escape Mexico with the wife of a Navy SEAL, a Greenpeace activist and a hippie left over from Haight-Ashbury.

65 pages including a bonus sample from "The Way of the Bodyguard".



1. What can possibly go wrong?

2. Don't worry, it won't take a second.

3. Trust me, it won't hurt.

4. Just act natural, they'll let you in.

and the last,

5. How hard can it be?

All these phrases ran through my mind during my adventure in Mexico as recounted in the short story available on Kindle for 99 cents:

Dolphin Kicks and Cactus Pricks [Kindle Edition]