The second love story in The Sense of Blood Ink told in first person by a PI from Miami Beach right after the lockdown.


"Nine stories of love, all together in one book. This is the type of book I love …

I also liked 'Mel Comes to the Mountain or Chekhov and Mayonnaise. What Happens After The Jaded Widow' I wasn't sure why mayonnaise was in the title until I read it. You need to read it to find out, as I'm not telling."
Thank you paulalearmouth for a great review.
Richard Brautigan, Anton Chekhov and the short sequel to The Jaded Widow come together here in this short story in THE SENSE OF BLOOD INK - OUT NOW ON AMAZON.


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The Sense of Blood Ink by Nick Spill 

Genre: Love Stories with a Twist Review: I simply cannot even begin to describe how impressed I was by Nick Spill's Sense of Blood Ink. The book did not fail to impress me with its depth of meaning and a lesson you can learn from each chapter. That's how I look at this book, and it helped me to see beyond the obvious. Since this was my first exposure to Nick Spill, as well as my first book by the author, I can say that he left me speechless. 

from: Bookish Babe

I was pretty surprised by the stories within this book. This book consists of 9 love stories during the post-pandemic. Some of these stories contain some trigger warnings such as adult content, violence, and incest. 
I will have to say that the one story that I truly enjoyed was The Sense of Blood. I was shocked by the ending, but I had a feeling that there was going to be a twist. However, I did not expect the twist that I read. From the beginning of the story, I was hooked and wanted to find out if their love was just fate. 

I still however really enjoyed the combination of each story, especially Forbidden Love. I felt like that story was something many of us could find relatable when it comes to dating. Especially in these times when many of us just don’t know how to express feelings understand how the other feels, and just are waiting for the other to finally give us the green light. 

from dolcelibri

Content Warning: adult situations, violence, and incest.

This is a book that contains 9 very unique short stories about love during and post pandemic. And when I say unique I mean unique, nothing like I had read before. Out of the nine stories my most favorite was The Sense of Blood Ink… But oh! my did this story have a twisted ending I was not expecting! This short story was the longest one of all nine and it was worth every word I read, even though it left me with bittersweet after thoughts. I also enjoyed Forbidden Love and Amanda, Goya, St. Francis, Joni Mitchell, and Ma Bell. The whole green light theory intrigued me, and I think its a concept that totally applies to courting and dating in todays world. But I enjoyed reading romance from a different angle, it was definitely a first for me.

from Romance_matcha-andpaperbacks




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