Georges Bataille's classic erotic novel Story of the Eye. Available on Amazon. And rightly so.

Nick Spill's Zoe and the Hidden Polaroids, a forbidden erotic novel now banned on Amazon.




It's official, I am banned on Amazon KDP

ZOE and the LOST POLAROIDS has been banned for violating community standards

I did place a warning on the inside cover page as well as a TRIGGER WARNING LIST and a NOTE TO THE READER so there would be no misunderstandings as to what the reader was getting into. But apparently this has been censored. Do you think books should be censored and banned?



Zoe and THE HIDDEN POLAROIDS is now banned on Amazon KDP
This is an unconventional and explicit erotic romance based on Zoe's exploration of her body as an artist. She is heavily influenced by the French writer Georges Bataille's sensational novel Story of the Eye.
Zoe recreates and photographs her erotic experiments with the help of Rick, a curator who is technically adept at using his Polaroid SX-70. He falls in love with Zoe and together they explore an entire repertoire of sexual escapades, aided by Rick's young (but legal) schoolgirl friend.
The author has seen fit to list a number of triggers related to this adult novel.




Body fluids


Age difference

Erotic drawings

Explicit images

Anal sex


Deep throating


Schoolgirl fantasies



The steamiest erotic book you'll not be able to read this year.


breaks the boundaries of the erotic novel

now banned on Amazon KDP



The second love story in The Sense of Blood Ink told in first person by a PI from Miami Beach right after the lockdown.


"Nine stories of love, all together in one book. This is the type of book I love …

I also liked 'Mel Comes to the Mountain or Chekhov and Mayonnaise. What Happens After The Jaded Widow' I wasn't sure why mayonnaise was in the title until I read it. You need to read it to find out, as I'm not telling."
Thank you paulalearmouth for a great review.
Richard Brautigan, Anton Chekhov and the short sequel to The Jaded Widow come together here in this short story in THE SENSE OF BLOOD INK - OUT NOW ON AMAZON.