George before he went to Burma

George Spill in India before the long journey to Burma.

You can read about my father's epic story of his voyage to India, the train journeys to Burma and the actual battles and extreme adventures he endured during World War II in his book, RELUCTANT Q, out now in paperback and as an ebook on Amazon. This is the last photo I could find of him, sent back to his wife before he descended into hell and back and where everything was destroyed by the jungle or Japanese artillery. He was one of the few to walk out of that theater in one piece. Told in his gripping narrative style, George lays bare the sheer absurdity, brutality and heroism of the war in the jungle. As other readers have told me, its a page turner, a must read and a worthwhile addition to World War II history from a very personal perspective. Its also very funny in the most unlikely places as in the opening "Who pissed in the officer's rum!?"