Rangitoto, mon amour - the extinct volcano in Auckland harbor that many artists have drawn and painted, though none have had the wonderful Joy Spill pose next to the majestic island. Rangitoto and the harbor exert a strong spiritual significance in the new novel in the Jaded Trilogy: The Jaded Spy with soon to be announced release dates.


Just out: The Year of the Monkey by Patti Smith and a cup of coffee at Books and Books at the Arsht Center, Miami. Support your local bookstore!


Excerpt from The Jaded Spy.

When Alexander was a pimple-faced teenage virgin, he had read Ian Fleming. He had dreamt of being a spy. He did not have enough time to think about what Catelin had said. He had thought he was going to be fired, then the comment about his break-up and all his girlfriends put him at a disadvantage. What girlfriends? Then he was offered a job as a spy. Alexander did not have the foresight to consider why he was being chosen for this assignment. He should have asked “Why me?” But he only thought about the interview much later, and by then it was too late.

Nick Spill. The Jaded Spy release date to be announced soon.


Andrea Camilleri 1922 - 2019

Andrea Camilleri died last month after creating one of the most popular and memorable Detective characters, Salvo Montalbano, in modern fiction. He started writing the series in his late 60's and still has two more to be released after his death at 93. 

I can't wait to read the last two - as a substitute I just reread one of his later and one of his best stories, A Beam of Light. Now I have to eat some of his favorite Sicilian dishes! If you read his books you'll know what I'm talking about.


My meditation on returning to New Zealand and presenting a talk at the Auckland Art Gallery.


Kiwis, art, death, coffee, burning books and sex.

Nick Spill writes about his return to New Zealand to give a talk at the Auckland Art Gallery. On the TranzAlpine train, he reflects on the Cambridge Five, Nicolas Poussin, Peter Wells, James Bond, Yukio Mishima, Geoff Dyer, Martin Edmund, Patti Smith and Dashiell Hammett, not to mention the murder of Simon Buis, Chekhov’s and his own gun. He reveals for the first time what happened to the Mildura catalog where his photos were featured and how they were burned, and he tells stories about many famous Kiwi artists, including Rita Angus, Andrew Drummond, Claire Fergusson, Ralph Hotere, Colin McCahon, Raymond McIntyre, and Cliff Whiting. He includes photographs from his original art work of the 1970s and his journey through New Zealand in 2019. As a famous young lady once said before she saw a white rabbit; what is the use of a book without pictures? 

Join Nick Spill on a trip down the rabbit hole, downunder.