The pleasures of reading

Next to writing the sequel to The Jaded Kiwi, nothing beats reading a great novel.

Trying to read Andrea Camilleri's latest Inspector Montalbano's mystery, A Nest of Vipers.

Enjoying Barry Eisler's latest John Rain assassin thriller, Zero Sum.


The Art of the Heist

The Art of the Heist
In early August of 1977, two students from the University of Canterbury School of Art walked into the Robert McDougall Art Gallery, took a painting off the wall, and walked out the front door. After lunch, the director Brian Muir noticed a 7 by 9 inch painting was missing.

Art Students steal a valuable paintingCurators steal it back. The true story here from The Jaded Kiwi


Summer special 5 days only

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In the running for the Ngaio Marsh Award in New Zealand.
I think the emphasis is on running...
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Reluctant Q is free as an ebook - a gripping story about survival and triumph in the jungles of Burma in World Ward II, and
The Way of the Bodyguard - knowledge not gossip - how to be a bodyguard
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Sending 7 Jaded Kiwis off to the Ngaio Marsh Award for Best Crime Novel

Ngaio Marsh Award for Best Crime Novel

Seven Jaded Kiwis off to be judged for the Ngaio Marsh Wards for Best Crime Novel and Best First Novel in New Zealand. I am on the very long list, now to get on the short list.

Given the author’s background, it’s fitting that this debut crime novel is a rollicking, madcap tale full of colourful characters. Spill grew up in 1960-1970s New Zealand and curated exhibitions at the National Gallery in Wellington before heading overseas, where he’s worked as a bodyguard and is now chief investigator for a government agency in Florida.
It’s summer in Auckland, 1976. Marijuana is in short supply. Two couples – a physicist and gynaecologist, and a violinist and actress – meet in a pub, help a Maori leader evade police, and find themselves caught up in the growing war on drugs and organised crime. It’s as crazy and fun as it sounds. Spill delivers the kind of crime tale that would appeal to fans of caper stories like Oceans’ Eleven and Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels. Dark crime mixed with humour, packed with craziness yet still flows and fits together. This is an enjoyable if slightly over-the-top treat that never takes itself too seriously, and is very Kiwi.


Book Gifts for special people this Season

Here are three books available on Amazon as paperbacks or e-books worldwide you can gift to someone special


kukri not included - but featured in the true story


manuka honey not included - but it is in the story

The Way of the Bodyguard

with endless bodyguard shifts there is always another Red Bull.

Nick Spill on the radio The Public Storyteller

The Beginning of the Art Deco District 

and a Homage to Ira Lieberman

Below is a link to recent story I told on WLRN The Public Storyteller.

The Jaded Kiwi at the Miami Book Fair

Nick Spill will read The Jaded Kiwi at the Miami Book Fair

At the Miami Book Fair - Saturday November 19 at 2 pm - 3 pm Room 7128, Building 7 Miami-Dade College/Wolfson Campus, 300 NE Second Ave, Miami.
I will be reading from my new dark Kiwi noir novel THE JADED KIWI, answering questions and signing books. Please join me. Arrive early, the Books & Books reading was standing room only.