Excerpt from The Jaded Spy in which Rawiri is released from Parry

Excerpt from The Jaded Spy now available on Amazon and cool bookstores.

If Rawiri turned around he could catch glimpses of the sunken fortress of concrete and barbed wire they called Parry amid fields of green grass and mature trees. 

Rawiri, Wiremu Wilson’s brother is released from Paremoremo Maximum Security Prison. (as pictured in a recent photo.)

Rawiri later says to Wiremu:

“Parry was designed to break the spirit of the Maori. It failed.” 

 from The Jaded Spy 


Thoughts on Veterans Day in the US and Remembrance Day in the UK

My grandfather and father survived two of the most brutal battles respectively, from WWI and WWII. Today I am honoring them. My grandfather Harry Spill was in the Battle of the Somme in 1916. He is pictured on the right of his son George Henry Spill on George's wedding day Dec 26, 1938. Olive and her parents are on her left. It was a white Boxing Day.

George is with his son Peter shortly before being deployed to the East in 1940. He would not see his family for nearly 5 years. At the age of 30 he thought he would not be called up, but he was and he managed to see his son Peter before he was shipped out East.

Over 50 years later he executes his best Benny Hill imitation salute at the Auckland War Memorial. George Spill published his war memoirs that included the Battle of Imphal (1944) one of the most ferocious battles of WWII. You can read his story Reluctant Q here.

Reluctant Q by George Spill  how he survived some of the most brutal battles of WWII in Burma. 

A unique story of a conscript who became the Brigade's Quartermaster.


The Jaded Spy release date November 12

Who kidnapped Captain Cook's priceless portrait?Who got released from New Zealand's maximum security prison?What was the infamous Soviet spy doing in Auckland? Part two of the Jaded Trilogy continues.


Relaunched The Jaded Kiwi - part one of the Jaded Series. Find out what happened to the Tear of Tane in The Jaded Spy - release date November 12th. 


Rangitoto, mon amour - the extinct volcano in Auckland harbor that many artists have drawn and painted, though none have had the wonderful Joy Spill pose next to the majestic island. Rangitoto and the harbor exert a strong spiritual significance in the new novel in the Jaded Trilogy: The Jaded Spy with soon to be announced release dates.


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